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Because there is more to market than price.

Welcome to Third ZodiacTrader Workshop

The launch of our ZodiacTrader Application & Algorithm Ecosystem.
See you on January 9th.

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The Genesis Effect

Our proprietory R&A platform Genesis (Formerly Ayan) powers the StockZodiac subscriptions now. Our analysis will now be simpliefied for your trading. We will also be launching a desktop version of ZodiacTrader on 9th January.


One powerful subscription

ZodiacTrader includes the desktop Application (so you can do your own time cycle analysis), regular Astroviews (so you can learn how to do it) and Algo Trading Signals - so you can receive actual trading signals and even push trades trading terminals.


Twitter Power

Zodiac Trader now comes with direct twitter messages from Genesis and our Futurologists. These real time tweets will include everything from market direction calls, stock picks and yes, even intraday trading calls.